More Storm Festival

Blimey. Our groundbreaking scratch event is back at the Ravensfield Theatre, bigger than ever before. For two days we’ll be filling the whole building with the most exciting artists, companies and theatremakers we can find, all of them sharing their latest experiments and works in progress.

16502115635_79b35caaca_zMore Storm is Thrust’s unique space for scratch, short form and experimental theatre. It’s a platform for emerging and evolving theatre artists to share ideas and material, as well as enquiries and approaches. Scratch lets artists test out their newest and boldest ideas in front of an audience, and the audience, through their feedback, have a chance to directly impact on where the work goes next. It’s a meeting point and a departure point: a creative playground that encourages risk and innovation without the pressure of a finished product.

Since our first event at Middlesex University in June 2014, we’ve had 2 sold out shows and met dozens of awesome and exciting artists. Previous contributors include Janice Perry; hailed by the BBC as “one of the world’s most respected performance artists”; apathetic cartoonist Chris Sav; emerging companies PurpleGibbon and Black Shoe, who audiences called “superb” and “quietly brilliant”; and the irreverent, “funny and compelling” performance artist Johnny O.

Now we’re turning More Storm into a two-day festival, taking over Middlesex’s entire Ravensfield Theatre and filling the building with the most exciting, daring, risky and inventive scratch we can find in two curated spaces, plus a bar and more surprises around the building.

Curious? Keep checking our website for line-up announcements and to book tickets!

Want to take part? We are looking for artists and companies with works in progress and/or experimental short-form work to programme across our two performance spaces. We want to attract work from makers of all backgrounds, disciplines and experience. This might include (but absolutely isn’t limited to!) theatre companies, solo performers, performance artists, installation artists, immersive practice, stand-up comedians, cabaret performers, storytellers, puppeteers, writers, workshop practitioners, digital artists, dancers, musicians, etc. Head on over to our Take part page.

More news as and when we have it!

More Storm Festival takes place 2/3 October 2015 at Middlesex University.
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More Storm lineup

More Storm, our new night for scratch and short form, is launching on 2nd June at Middlesex University. Do we have some awesome and exciting artists and companies coming to play with us?

Yes. We do. The lineup looks a bit like this. (In no particular order.)

Narcissistic performance artist Johnny O will be bringing his new work-in-progress Welcome To The Priory. With a suicide note in his records and a severe case of depression and addiction, he has been admitted to the infamous Priory clinic. Who will he meet there?

Black Shoe make work that comes from them. Ignorant to the impossible, they will be sharing one of their improvisations which blurs the line between performance and the everyday.

Experimental Houses question masculinity by examining where actor stops and character begins, and they will be scratching their new piece Muscle.

Sound artist Tom Hendry’s piece Cassette 1 attempts to create a performative environment without performance. His combination of light and soundscapes evokes an “overload of information resulting in a social void”.

Thrust will be scratching scenes from artistic director William Bowden’s new play Photographs, which explores the impact and nuance of memory in our characteristically intermedial style with Zakk Hein, Rachel Wood, Scott Wright (and others TBC), directed by artistic director Bruce Adams.

Plus another special guest to be confirmed.

The guest designer for the event will be Thrust’s artist-in-residence Zakk Hein, and you can book Pay-What-You-Can tickets right now!

We’ll keep you updated…

More storm, more storm, more storm.

Isn’t that the constant frustration for play? That it isn’t real?
No surprise then that play always dreams of its other. The thing has aspirations.
Go too far, go too far. More storm. More storm. More storm.

Tim Etchells

R&D in February

R&D in February

We are really, really excited to announce our new scratch night (that’s more than just a scratch night), More Storm. With the generous support of our friends at Middlesex University’s School of Media and Performing Arts, where we trained, we’ll be launching the event at the Ravensfield Theatre (adjoining the university’s Hendon campus in north London) on Monday 2nd June.

It’s exciting because not only does it give us a place to play without worrying about a full-scale production (which can indeed be worrying!), it’s also an opportunity to play with other companies and artists whose work excites us and challenges us. We are really fortunate to have links to and friendships with some amazing emerging companies, and we want to meet some more! It’s a changing world for small arts organisations, so apart from us wanting to have a bit of a play, we also think this could be a smart move towards building a bit of strength in numbers.

But we’ll see.

Oh, and there’ll be free booze. FREE. BOOZE.

We’ve put a special page on the blog with a bit more information, just click the “More Storm” button up top. More details will follow, including ticket info and information about how you and/or your organisation can apply to take part. We’ll also be doing a major update on our website very soon, which will fix some errors that some of you might have noticed, and will include a new online home for More Storm.

See you in June!