More Storm Festival

Blimey. Our groundbreaking scratch event is back at the Ravensfield Theatre, bigger than ever before. For two days we’ll be filling the whole building with the most exciting artists, companies and theatremakers we can find, all of them sharing their latest experiments and works in progress.

16502115635_79b35caaca_zMore Storm is Thrust’s unique space for scratch, short form and experimental theatre. It’s a platform for emerging and evolving theatre artists to share ideas and material, as well as enquiries and approaches. Scratch lets artists test out their newest and boldest ideas in front of an audience, and the audience, through their feedback, have a chance to directly impact on where the work goes next. It’s a meeting point and a departure point: a creative playground that encourages risk and innovation without the pressure of a finished product.

Since our first event at Middlesex University in June 2014, we’ve had 2 sold out shows and met dozens of awesome and exciting artists. Previous contributors include Janice Perry; hailed by the BBC as “one of the world’s most respected performance artists”; apathetic cartoonist Chris Sav; emerging companies PurpleGibbon and Black Shoe, who audiences called “superb” and “quietly brilliant”; and the irreverent, “funny and compelling” performance artist Johnny O.

Now we’re turning More Storm into a two-day festival, taking over Middlesex’s entire Ravensfield Theatre and filling the building with the most exciting, daring, risky and inventive scratch we can find in two curated spaces, plus a bar and more surprises around the building.

Curious? Keep checking our website for line-up announcements and to book tickets!

Want to take part? We are looking for artists and companies with works in progress and/or experimental short-form work to programme across our two performance spaces. We want to attract work from makers of all backgrounds, disciplines and experience. This might include (but absolutely isn’t limited to!) theatre companies, solo performers, performance artists, installation artists, immersive practice, stand-up comedians, cabaret performers, storytellers, puppeteers, writers, workshop practitioners, digital artists, dancers, musicians, etc. Head on over to our Take part page.

More news as and when we have it!

More Storm Festival takes place 2/3 October 2015 at Middlesex University.
For more information visit


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