Rehearsals begin for Request Programme

The clock is well and truly ticking for our return to Brighton Fringe with Request Programme, and rehearsals start today with William and Rachel locking themselves in a room to work out just how you go about rehearsing a site specific play without any words, 50 miles away from your site… (Don’t worry we’ve got some ideas.)

Stay tuned to “teh social mediaz” for the inevitable rehearsal updates!


William & Rachel outside our intimate venue

Last Sunday we went on a field trip to beautiful Brighton and spent some time in our venue – which we’re all completely in love with. When we say the play is going to be an intimate experience, we really mean it – the flat is tiny. While this is completely appropriate (Franz Xaver Kroetz originally set the piece inside a bedsit in 1970s Bavaria, but he calls for each production to transplant the action into a more appropriate context – though most productions still make use of a real theatre!), it does throw up some questions about the best way to place and involve the audience. For them, the play must be a fly on the wall experience: observational, not participatory. That’s a careful balancing act for us to explore.

We had some disappointing news this month when the Arts Council turned down our application for funding. The silver lining to that rather large cloud is that ACE have a statutory obligation to provide feedback to companies when their applications do not meet their rigorous standards. We had no feedback, which means we would have got the money if there was enough of it to go around.

So we hit the beach, filmed this adorable video, and launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign. We need £2,500 by the end of April. This will help us minimise the impact of this disappointing news from the Arts Council and make sure Request Programme is still the big statement we want it to be.

Visit our WeFund page to find out how you can help us, and check out the sexy rewards we have on offer for those who dig deep!