New year’s resolution #1

To blog about other things except More Storm, even though More Storm is very exciting.



We might have had one cocktail too many and spent the day foraging on leftover crisps, but we’ve still got just enough strength left to lift the laptop lid and wish you all a very happy new year!

Our 2014 was pretty cool with loads of exciting things happening for us both on and off the stage – like launching our scratch night More Storm, and playing Inheritance at the King’s Head, and going on R&D roadtrips, and stuff like that…

As for 2015? We’re getting started as quickly as we possibly can, because More Storm is back on 2 February! Here’s a first look at the line-up (in no particular order):

PurpleGibbon: An Unhealthy Obsession
A playful performance about unhealthy obsessions. Particularly when those obsessions are over Crunchy Nut, boiled eggs and Singin’ In The Rain. Not that there’s anything wrong with obsession, you just might get caught up in it…

Chris Sav: Quarter Life Crisis – The Musical
A piece about being in your mid-twenties and lacking the skills or emotional willpower to cope with reality. When you depend on double bills of Gilmore Girls to ease the pain of yet another job rejection, you begin to think, “if only this were a Broadway musical…”

Adie Mueller & Mike Carter: Sandman
Inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s gothic horror story The Sandman, expressive physicality, the use of objects and puppetry, the collapse of time and narrative structure and the performer’s intimate and direct relationship with the audience immerse you in an unnerving and thrilling nightmare world.

Beautiful Confusion Productions: things that happened to me on the street
Stillness, noise and lipstick converge in the space between public and private. What happens when we cross the threshold?

FATLiPBMYTHICAL: Lost Boy Sketches
Using storytelling, mixtapes, trainers and lo-fi beats, Lost Boy Sketches explores what it means to “grow up” through the diary scribblings of characters Robin and Blake.

Theatre Arts Performance Research Group: A Trial
A collaboration between staff, students and graduates of Middlesex University’s theatre programmes, led by Des Truscott. Beginning with a story structure inherent in Franz Kafka’s The Trial but common to many works of literature, the collective explore that structure within a contemporary idiom.

Thrust: Untitled
A study in tea-making and solitude.

Tickets will be on sale in the next few days, so we’ll be seeing you very soon! Until then, friends, fans and colleagues, thanks for all the fun last year, have a very happy 2015.