More storm, more storm, more storm.

Isn’t that the constant frustration for play? That it isn’t real?
No surprise then that play always dreams of its other. The thing has aspirations.
Go too far, go too far. More storm. More storm. More storm.

Tim Etchells

R&D in February

R&D in February

We are really, really excited to announce our new scratch night (that’s more than just a scratch night), More Storm. With the generous support of our friends at Middlesex University’s School of Media and Performing Arts, where we trained, we’ll be launching the event at the Ravensfield Theatre (adjoining the university’s Hendon campus in north London) on Monday 2nd June.

It’s exciting because not only does it give us a place to play without worrying about a full-scale production (which can indeed be worrying!), it’s also an opportunity to play with other companies and artists whose work excites us and challenges us. We are really fortunate to have links to and friendships with some amazing emerging companies, and we want to meet some more! It’s a changing world for small arts organisations, so apart from us wanting to have a bit of a play, we also think this could be a smart move towards building a bit of strength in numbers.

But we’ll see.

Oh, and there’ll be free booze. FREE. BOOZE.

We’ve put a special page on the blog with a bit more information, just click the “More Storm” button up top. More details will follow, including ticket info and information about how you and/or your organisation can apply to take part. We’ll also be doing a major update on our website very soon, which will fix some errors that some of you might have noticed, and will include a new online home for More Storm.

See you in June!