Happy new year

Okay, 28 days late, but we mean it still.

As we tweeted earlier this month, 2013 was a mental year for us. To summarise, we knocked out a season of five productions all told; which included one new play (Inheritance) and two original adaptations (The Bell Jar and On Chesil Beach); all of which investigated different and innovative approaches to theatremaking. Our ambitious transfer of Dinner and Pornography to The Warren for a rep season at Brighton Fringe was critically lauded as a “great showcase of young talent” (Argus).

All of these successes were the result of a complete leap into the blue. Kylie Minogue once sang “I run to the future and jump,” and, if you can forgive the campness of the reference, sometimes that’s all you can do.

William and I are putting together a really exciting new season which, fingers crossed, we’ll be taking the leap again to announce in the coming months. For now we can promise that it will be a gearshift from the 2013 season but will definitely retain much of the DNA of last year’s shows.

In the meantime, we’re thrilled to announce that Zakk Hein has joined the core management team as Artist-in-Residence, which means that his fingerprints will be all over our forthcoming work (as if they weren’t before).

Plus, our brand new (beta) website is now online, after a couple of months’ hiatus. There are still some issues with certain browsers and resolutions, which we’ll be ironing out, but the general message is: Thrust is still here and ready for 2014…

EDIT: I swear, I had NO IDEA that Kylie Minogue was about to release a song called ‘Into The Blue’ when I wrote this post.


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