Another theatre company’s blog

With our final two productions of this season, Inheritance and On Chesil Beach, having finished on Friday, we’re about to take a bit of a break to gather our thoughts, recover a bit, and work out what’s next.

This much we know: our next season will be very much built on the work we made this year at Middlesex University.  It will solidify our relationships with the 20+ artists who made that work with us.  It’ll begin to solidify, also, the identity we’ve started to forge for ourselves through the work we made this year.  And it will, more likely than not, start coming together later this autumn.

In the meantime we don’t plan to leave you in the dark!  We’ll be tweeting and Facebooking away as usual, but for the thoughts and updates that can’t be squeezed into a status update, well, now you can check up on our blog too.

That’s this one.  This blog you’re reading now.  Hiii.